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Fishing Safety

Learn how to prepare yourself to be safe and comfortable on your next fishing trip. Consider these important fishing safety tips before embarking on your next adventure with your family and friends. Learn more about essential fishing safety gear, basic first aid, safety tips and more.


Fishing First Aid & Safety Kit Supplies

Fishing First Aid

Learn how to remove a fishing hook from your skin, how to treat minor cuts, and more.

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Top Fishing Safety Tips & Procedures

Fishing Safety Tips

Learn these fishing safety tips to know what to do in case of an emergency while fishing.

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Fishing Safety Equipment & Gear

Fishing Safety Equipment & Gear

Bring along proper fishing safety equipment to ensure a safe fishing experience.

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Safety Tips for Fishing with Kids

Fishing with Kids

Kid safety lessons based on environment (e.g., ice fishing safety) to ensure a safe trip.

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Purchase a Fishing License